sung by Dionne Warwick with Elton John, Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder.  This song was written by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager.  It was recorded in 1985 as a benefit song for the American Foundation for AIDS Research, which raised over $3 million dollars for that cause.




Everyone sleeps and everyone dreams.  This is a fact.  It’s easy to know why we sleep – our bodies need rest – but why do we dream?  Researchers believe they have answers to this question.  They say that while we are awake, going through our day, we have new experiences.  Some of these experiences we want to keep as memories, but most of them are not important, so we need to forget them to make space for new memories.  Our dreams allow us to do this.


affectionate:  showing love
That little kitten is so affectionate.
The affectionate couple walked hand in hand.

love 1

by Clay Walker

an American country music artist.  This song is from his fifth album, “Live, Laugh, Love,” which was released in August, 1999.


Get is a very important word in English because it is used a lot by everyone.  It has 5 different meanings.


aware:  know about
Are you aware that your car is unlocked?
He wasn’t aware of the person following him.


by Colbie Caillat
an American pop singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist from Malibu, California. This song is from her 5th album, Gypsy Heart, released in September, 2014.


by Michael Buble

a Canadian singer, songwriter and actor who has won several awards, including four Grammy Awards and many Juno Awards.  The song was written in 1964 by English songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse.  Buble recorded this song for his album “It’s Time,” released in April, 2005.


The simple past is used for an action or actions that are finished in the past.  For most verbs you add ed to the end of the basic verb.


by Marco Tempest
a Swiss magician who lives in New York City.  He is known for his multimedia magic and use of interactive technology and computer graphics in his presentations.  He stars in the eight part television series “The Virtual Magician,” which has been broadcast in over 50 countries.

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